Our Goals

Facilitating Research

  • Match juniors to peers and to senior research economists (both academic & non-academic) to facilitate research opportunities
  • Conduct regular research workshops – create connections between  junior scholars to more established people in the profession
  • Create funding opportunities for under-resourced scholars through open competitions
  • Create and/or share resources related to doing research well


  • Deliver capability building workshops for mentees on high-impact topics
  • Navigating academia (e.g., applying for funding, grant writing, writing papers, refereeing experience)
  • Navigating the job market (e.g., presentation skills, transitioning to academia, think tank, NGOs, non-academia)
  • One-to-one long-term mentorship between rising professional and an established AMIE mentor
  • Peer-to-peer mentorship
  • Establish buddy-system among mentees

Evaluation and Outreach

  • Establish partnerships with organizations and individual researchers
  • Expand the reach of AMIE’s programs and work towards scaling up programs that are demonstrated to work well
  • Create a robust system for data collection and review of participant outcomes
  • Conduct an annual survey to identify gaps in resources and opportunities
  • Evaluation of programs through oversubscription design with prior ethical approvals and permission of all participants