Ndirangu Ngunjiri

University of Nairobi

Ndirangu Ngunjiri, a seasoned financial professional, excels in investment analysis, financial modeling, forecasting, and portfolio management. With 17+ years of experience, he founded and manages Watermark Financial Consultants. He's adept at client relations, business development, and heads operations. Ndirangu chairs the Ministerial Audit Committee at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is on the investments committee at Kenya Bureau of Standards, and an audit committee member of Nairobi City County. He pursues a Doctoral Fellowship in Finance & Accounting at the University of Nairobi, focusing on inequality, entrepreneurship, innovation, and more. A regular publisher, Business Daily Africa columnist, and frequent speaker at conferences, he's affiliated with esteemed institutes like IFE Institute of Advanced Studies. Holding an MBA and a Bachelor's in Commerce (Accounting), Ndirangu is a member of various professional bodies.