Jose bayoan Santiago calderon

José Bayoán, Santiago Calderón

U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

José Bayoán Santiago Calderón is a research economist in the national economic accounts research group at the Bureau of Economic Analysis.Before joining the federal statistical system, Dr. Santiago Calderón had years of experience in the private sector as a research scientist at various companies. Bayoán also held academic appointments with the Biocomplexity Institute and Initiative at the University of Virginia, where he started his career in public service.

His research has centered on improving decision-making, emphasizing the public good (e.g., science policy). His transdisciplinary research approach has enabled him to routinely collaborate across disciplines and develop a diverse set of domain knowledge and methodological toolset. He also participates in various open-source software communities (e.g., JuliaLang) and civic activism (e.g., Code4PR, Mentes Puertorriqueñas en Accion).