Machael Laforest Tucker

Michael LaForest Tucker

U.S. Air Force Academy

PhD from UVA in 2017. Worked on dynamic structural labor models but had no assistant professor options on the market due to a lack of personal name recognition, school pedigree, field, and advisor choice. Took a job as a research director at the U Chicago crime lab's NYC outpost instead, where I pivoted to reduced form economics of crime and education work and started building connections and experience with applied policy analysis. After three years left for a three-year postdoc at Penn State to focus on publishing my work and to prepare my CV to have a shot at academic jobs (Worked remotely from Copenhagen for the last 1.5 of those years to live with my wife, an AP in Business History at the Copenhagen Business School). Went on the 22-23 academic job market and accepted an AP position at the U.S. Air Force Academy, starting in June 2023.